Passion Project

Sports write stories that are universally understood. They are about winners and losers, drama and emotion. Everyone understands that and is touched by it, worldwide. And that’s exactly what our furniture represents. lillus was born from a childhood dream, from nostalgia and the passion for making distinctive pieces of furniture for elegant lounging. Every lillus chair is made in Germany following handcraft traditions and is a true portrayal of the ball in question.

Whether football, golf, tennis, basketball or baseball, each model features unique details and is characterised by a high-quality finish. Combining the ultimate enthusiasm for sports with the exquisite style of sophisticated classics, lillus is the ideal chair for anyone with sporting ambitions.

What does it feel like to sit inside a ball?
Extremely cosy!

This is a brilliant combination of comfort and aesthetics. Yes, you can still find them, the good things in life. Objects you would love to give houseroom to because they communicate some very special qualities, are made from high quality materials and have a unique character. With passion and expertise, we have created a piece for connoisseurs, inspired by our love of sports: Balls you can sit in, based on that most simple of geometric shapes, the sphere, and designed like an authentic copy of the original. They are an oasis of calm in public spaces, luxuri¬ous lounge chairs such as this one, unique items exclusively made for you. Because, regardless of all that passion for sports, there must also be time for relaxation …

Fan(tasy) rooms

lounge chairs – comfortable and outstanding both to the eye and experience

Cult objects
and real eyecatchers

We are a small, fine German furniture manufacturer. Our upholstery collection – very independent and worldwide unique – addresses itself to contract but also private customers. With lillus everything revolves around sports! With these chairs we have created real eye-catchers.

It’s a lento heart affair. This special collection draws on the cultural resource of sports. It commemorates the most legendary matches and is closely linked to the associated players, and the balls used in each game. 

lillus chairs and armchairs are comfortable and outstanding both to the eye and experience, combining quality, independent design, and a sporty edge. One-off pieces that look as stunning as solo accent pieces as they do together with matching companions. Designer objects, unusual, exclusive, unique. They upgrade interiors as well as exteriors to perfection and will last for decades. Let us inspire you …

Taking all hearts by storm

They are chairs that guarantee to make the heart of every fan race: These chairs are more than just lounge elements. They convey excitement. For the sport, club, company or event. Solidarity manifests in them. Like sport, they create a sense of home and demonstrate belonging and passion. Passion that extends internationally.

Unique in the world

In the boom of the new, the past seems more valuable than ever. Each armchair is a true-to-original replica of the respective ball, has been exactly reproduced in proportion and materials. All lounge chairs and armchairs are made to order according to customer requirements. From many individual parts they are made exclusively by hand. Unique pieces with refined details are created in the tradition of craftsmanship.

Production from order to delivery takes around 4 to 6 weeks. We attach great importance to the use of high-quality materials and the Made in Germany seal of quality. We swear by domestic production in Germany: the structure of our products is far too complex, our demands on quality and originality too high to leave them in foreign hands. We prefer to take responsibility for all processes of development and production ourselves – from design, toolmaking, the construction of the respective basic shape to the cutting of fabrics and leather and upholstery. And can ensure a high-quality finish. Not without pride, we say: This quality and uniqueness is sought in vain all over the world.

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