for individual moments of relaxation

This lounge and lobby chair is like having a blank page. It invites you to create new interpretations of the classic design again and again. And not just when it comes to selecting materials and colors for the upholstery; the shell can also be individualized to your heart’s desire, in terms of finish, print, paint and labels. There are no limits to the imagination. Sometimes it is extravagant; sometimes discreet. Sometimes it has an obvious charm; sometimes a trendy message. Sometimes it dazzles with its natural beauty, feminine grace or cool power. This is how it blends harmoniously into any surroundings while retaining its timeless, classic flair.



Made in

Directly from
the manufacturer

Can be personalized
in many ways

Ball shaped creativity: An expanded range of items is making it even easier to create spaces with an original aura. In addition to the well-established lounge chairs, the range also includes a smaller shell. Thanks to its more compact form, with a choice of many different bases, this model can be used as a bar stool, counter stool, dinner or cocktail chair. Let us advise you on all possibilities!

A round thing

based on that most simple of geometric shapes – the sphere


Comfortable, stylish and a real eye-catcher