lillus ball chairs and stools
references & application examples

If you love sports, you will want to sit in a lento! Let yourself be inspired … selected furnishings and references

A ball is a ball is a ball?

It all started with a football chair developed for the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola and the trophy presentation events in Rome, Zurich and Athens in 2006.

Today, our special seating furniture make it easy to fill spaces with the aura of the exceptional. We proudly present you with our most significant references and distinct outfitting projects. They show just how multifaceted «Style before Competition!» can be.

2021 | Sports & fitness world in luxury spa hotel Jagdhof | Röhrnbach, Deutschland

2019 | Hugo Boss AG | Metzingen, Germany

Strong advertising partner

Our special armchairs are custom-made — and sometimes even delivered personally: Like those for Hugo Boss at the company headquarters in Metzingen. The company is an advertising & sponsoring partner for many
sports, like Formula E and football. A football chair fits perfectly there, of course.

2018 | L&T Lengermann & Trieschmann | Osnabrück, Germany | Photo Joachim Grothus, Herford


Nobody likes to be in a store having to sit on cheap chairs in a careless, sober atmosphere. The competition is massive. Impressive interiors make the difference. Interiors with armchairs like our lillus wembley. The emotional and comfortable seating increases awareness of the product range and the length of time we spend in the shop, especially in high-quality shop-fitting.

Prof. Moths Architekten, an interdisciplinary architecture firm from Hamburg, Germany, has shown how this works with the new sports department in the north German fashion house L&T Lengermann & Trieschmann.

2017 | Marineda City | La Coruña, Spain


Our lillus ball stools and ball armchairs find a new home not only in private living rooms, but especially in companies, restaurants, hotels & shop-fitting – like here in northwestern Spain. The Marineda City in La Coruña is one of the largest shopping centres in the country. Here, the lounge chair models wembley and nba increase awareness of the sports and fitness ranges of local retailers and invite you to linger in between breaks.

2006 | FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola | Zurich, Switzerland |
Rome, Italy

This is where it all began: In 2006, we developed a football chair – in the classic Telstar design of the 70s. It was for the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola and the events to present the trophy in Rome, Zurich and Athens, among other places. Together with the trophy, the chairs traveled around the world.

In the years after, other models followed. Formal revisions, a second, smaller shell, alternative under frames as well as more authentic materials. Today, our special seating furniture make it easy to fill spaces with the aura of the exceptional.

With our extraordinary ball chairs and ball armchairs we literally play the ball to you: all architects, designers, planners, interior decorators, as well as the sports industry, sporting goods manufacturers, sports service providers and sports management. Thanks to very special materials, a large type plan that allows numerous applications, and a wide array of customisation options.

We proudly present you with our most significant references and distinct outfitting projects. They show just how multifaceted «Style before Competition!» can be.

2008 | Football talk on Swiss television 2 | Press TV | Zurich, Switzerland

2018 | Dresden classics trade | Dresden, Germany


In the advent of the new, the past appears more precious than ever: the Dresden Classic Trade is dedicated to timeless automotive rarities and invites you to take a trip to the past with its vintage cars. Just like the armchairs and stools from the lento Passion Project. They inact the imperfect and tell of the lived history of the sport, of all the balls that are often used and much loved.

2008 | BVB Dortmund | Ballspielverein Borussia 09 e. V. Dortmund |
Dortmund, Germany

2019 | Football round table | Spielvereinigung Greuther Fürth SpVgg
Greuther Fürth | Fürth, Germany

2018 | Herzogswalde Golf Club | Wilsdruff, district of Herzogswalde, Germany

2018 | Tulip Inn Hotel Düsseldorf Arena | Dusseldorf, Germany


The Tulip Inn Düsseldorf Arena is the only german stadium hotel with a direct view of the football pitch. The sport is present here and shapes the atmosphere!

There is also a great affinity for ball games in the furnishings. And the desire for uniqueness. The upscale property furnishing sector in particular demands the extraordinary. We were allowed to support the team and ensure, among other things, with our hattrick bar stools in soccer design – very classic and based on the Telstar Durlast, the official match ball of the soccer world championships in 1970 and 1974 – for the perfect stadium experience … and the best view guaranteed.

2021 | Kickz | Munich, Germany


A perfect match … Because at Kickz, style is written all in capitals. The streetwear, sneaker and basketball online shop is an outfitter for many top basketball teams, including the SYNTAINICS MBC, which we support as a sponsor. And what fits in better with the cool casualness of the NBA idols than the sporty basketball look of our lillus armchairs and chairs? Hence, get ready for the court! This is equipment for the game and the street!

Nothing new: basketball and hip-hop culture are closely linked. It is precisely this cooperation that shows how wide a range of balls there is. Depending on the material and color — always adapted to the target group. One thing is certain: none of the other models have that much street cred!

2021 | Syntainics MBC | Central German Basketball Club | Weißenfels,


Regional support in basketball: We look forward to vigorously cheering and supporting the SYNTAINICS MBC team as a sponsor. The wolves of Weißenfels represent Central Germany in the easyCredit Basketball Bundesliga.

2018 | Mercedes-Benz After Work Golf Cup | Stuttgart, Germany

2017 | Bjorn Borg Fashion Head Quarter | Stockholm, Sweden

2020 | Football round table of the 1. FC | Nuremberg, Germany

2021 | Office of the President | VTB United League Basketball League | Moscow, Russia

Favorite pieces - individually embroidered

The VTB United League (Russian Единая Лига ВТБ) is a supra-regional basketball league featuring the leading basketball clubs from Russia, Belarus, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic and Poland. To suitably furnish the office of the league president, our nba basketball chairs were requested. And individualized!

The chairs were to bear the colors of the league. And they were to be embroidered, both on the outside of the chair, the back cushion and on the stool seat. Each with different motifs. Motif or logo embroidery is one of the noblest forms of leather finishing with a classy look and feel.

2018 | Herzogswalde Golf Club | Wilsdruff, district of Herzogswalde, Germany

No question, the furniting plays an integral role in regards to identity and ambience. The equipment, too, makes a space unique. Additionally, lush and comfortable furniture are evidence of awareness for quality. Our stylish designer armchairs offer room to wind down and to communicate and very special moments in an extraordinary atmosphere.

2018 | Accountant Walter, Kohler & Partner | Ebermannstadt, Germany

2017 | Sports Campus Zuiderpark | Den Haag, Netherlands

2019 | Peter Schick Garden design | Achstetten, Germany

2019 | VIP Lounge of the Alliance Arena | Munich, Germany

Tough on the outside, cosy within

Different covers and colours? Easy! This Project is proof of how far a made to measure order can go: Ball Chairs and suitable Bar stools as special custom order. Desired was a rustic – chic look with that special feeling of times gone past. Vintage leather and a stainless steel rotary base fit the bill and optically anticipate that natural aging process – an unmistakable reference to the roaring sixties and seventies.

2019 | Ajax Amsterdam | Johan-Cruyff-Arena | Amsterdam, Netherlands

2018 | Karstadt Sports as exibhitioner at the BMW International Open | Pulheim, Germany

2018 | lento GmbH & Co. KG | James Rizzi Special Edition | Orgatec 2018 | Cologne, Germany

2018 | Art 28 Gallery | James Rizzi Special Edition | art Karlsruhe | International Fair for Modern and Contemporary Art | Karlsruhe, Germany

2018 | Art 28 Gallery | James Rizzi Special Edition | Ambiente. The show. | International Consumer Goods Fair | Frankfurt, Germany

2019 | Hoppe Franz and Friends | Gera, Germany

2018 | Karstadt Sports | Stuttgart, Germany

2018 | Karstadt Sports Oberpollinger | Munich, Germany

From the green straight to the clubhouse

Friends of clean lines with a sense of classic shapes, take note: the lillus lounge chairs eagle are created for all golf fans, whether you play golf yourself or are otherwise enthusiastic about the sport. With them, the outfitting will always reflect part of that passion. This is timeless design combined with a passion for sport.

2018 | Elements DELI, Restaurant, Lounge | Zeitenströmung | Space for tradition and inspiration | Dresden, Germany

See you at the bar ...

This replica of the balls of popular sports convince not only with their extraordinary design, but also with their quality and longevity. They have reached cult status in this country and have long been in demand around the world, especially to furnish properties with a sporting background. They can be found in sports clubs, in sports bars, in shop fitting, at sporting goods manufacturers and retailers … or, like here, in hotels and restaurants.

The lillus hattrick cuts a fine figure at all bars and counters! Thanks to various designs and numerous models in our range, you will surely find the seating arrangement that suits your needs perfectly. On top of that, with your logo and in the desired cover!

2019 | Foyer of the SPORT 2000 company headquarters | Mainhausen, Germany

First impression lobby

Where everything revolves around sport, the seats should do the same … Our Passion Project embellishes the SPORT 2000 headquarters in Mainhausen. Our hattrick and wembley football chairs are not only a reminder of unforgettable sporting milestones. At the same time, they create a cozy lounge area.

Large upholstered armchairs in football look and matching side tables form small, individual seating ensembles for plenty of opportunities to exchange ideas. Up-market quality made in Germany and absolutely unique: Suitable for successful retail concepts based on the latest state of the art international shop-fitting.

2017 | Regional Sports Football Management | Abu-Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

2018 – 2019 | Be Fit Fitness | Gym | Bocholt, Dorsten, Moers, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany

2018 | Elements DELI, Restaurant, Lounge | Zeitenströmung | Space for tradition and inspiration | Dresden, Germany

2018 | Tulip Inn Hotel Dusseldorf Arena | Dusseldorf, Germany

2020 | Golfshop Nuremberg | Nuremberg, Germany

Peerless shop fitting

Golf clothing, golf shoes, golf clubs, golf chairs! In view of increasing online sales, the individuality and creativity of furniture in shopfitting are more important than ever. As well as carefully selected details that grab your attention. The best example: our eagle golf chairs as cozy eye-catchers in the golf shop. What could fit better? For rooms that tell stories. That captivate their visitors. And everyone who doesn’t like standard solutions.

2021 | Ministère des Sports | Ministry of Sport | Luxembourg (City), Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

The right armchairs ...

… in the right space. It is the equipment that makes every room unique. And which proves quality with high value. Our furniture with a strong character ensures very special moments in a unique atmosphere.

All questions relating to sport in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg are the responsibility of the Minister of Sport and his ministry. For the fruiting to not right into that expectation, we were allowed to deliver lounge chairs and bar stools in the shape of a soccer ball. A group of four of our arm chairs are now giving a  sporty flair to the house the house! And ensure that, despite all the sportiness, you can also relax.

2018 | Sportswear and Sporting Goods Department | Karstadt Sports | Stuttgart, Germany

lillus goes sneaker

The sneaker trend persists! You just have to love this casual look. Just like our stylish seating: With the visitor chairs from the lillus wembley range, every fitting is guaranteed to be a success. A smooth combination of target-group-oriented appearance and emotional staging of the sales area. This is how shop-fitting works today!

The furnishing contributes to the attractiveness and efficiency of good retail stores. lillus models can score with their presence especially in exclusive sports shops. As highlights of ingenious shopping experiences.

2018 | Admiral Arena Prater | Vienna, Austria

2019 | Admiral Casino | Linz, Austria

2019 | Admiral PlusCity | Pasching, Austria

Sports bar, casino & Co.

Europe’s largest sports bar in Vienna offers state-of-the-art entertainment technology on 1,300 square meters and two levels. The exclusive lounge chairs from lento offer the best view of what’s going on. They are placed directly in front of the central, about 50 square meter large LED wall. There has been a huge onrush since its opening, because many visitors are trying to secure a place here. Hence, successively more properties were equipped with the unique eye-catchers.

2017 | Hotel Competence Center | Information center for hotels and restaurants | Oberschleissheim, Germany

2019 | Gaming zones in libraries | Schulz Speyer Bibliothekstechnik AG & Eurobib Direct | Librarian Day Leipzig | Leipzig, Germany

2020 | as Büro + Objekteinrichtung GmbH | Nördlingen, Germany

Anyone can do „bog standard“

A lot of creativity and energy goes into the planning and implementation of office and property furnishings. Architects, interior architects, designers and companies have been thinking long in advance which furnishings would best suit the architecture and room concept. Preferably beyond established standards. Because who wants to sit in the same armchairs over and over again?

We have just the thing for everyone who is looking for something special! Authentic, real, relaxed: lento supplies luxurious lounge chairs. Stand out from the crowd and make your projects even more individual. Deviate from the norm! Offer an unusual experience …

2020 | Order fair Sport 2000 | Mainhausen, Germany

Sportiv manufacturers who's who

Everyone with a reputation in the sporting goods industry meets regularly at SPORT 2000. The top brands in the shoe and sports industry regularly present their latest innovations and products at the in-house exhibition campus… the perfect setting for our armchairs and chairs!

What could fit better in sports shops or sports goods retailers? Our hattrick, wembley and art models show what emotional sports shop furnishings can look like today. They make fan dreams come true, bring the competition straight into the store. And customers can take a seat in a lifelike, larger-than-life replica …


They make the unique armchairs and chairs of the lillus series even more individual: project-related colours, materials and customer-specific printing or embroidery. Regardless of whether it is a company logo, club logo, slogan, signature or campaign claim. With individual aesthetics, individualised designer furniture underline the personality of every company. For that you can successfully stand out from the competition.

Diverse references – the lento lillus creates experiences for public spaces

Public spaces like reception areas such as foyers and lobbies, but also executive offices or general waiting- and lounge areas, contribute significantly to the overall impression that visitors get of the respective company, brand or club. The effect of a coherent facility that has been thought through down to the last detail should not be underestimated. As a furniture manufacturer of exclusive ball chairs and ball stools, we want to support you in the best possible way!

The many projects implemented with our lillus Ball Chairs show one thing above all: with lillus by lento you will definitely make an impression. The cool seating furniture adapts to every building and every furnishing style. So that your visitors, customers or employees get the right impression right from the first encounter!

Attractive design, high-quality workmanship – the lillus ball chairs

Appealing design stands out. With the lillus from lento you attract the attention of your visitors, customers or employees. Our timelessly designed, sporty armchairs and chairs in the characteristic ball shape are eye-catchers in your rooms. They attract everyone’s attention and invite you to linger. Enjoy spontaneous meetings in a relaxed lounge atmosphere and extremely comfortable and lush seating.

The lento ball armchairs and chairs from the lillus series can already be found in many sporty environments in countries on all continents: in the headquarters of major sports brands and clubs, in TV studios, in the VIP areas of large stadiums, in hotels and restaurants, in selected stores and shopping centres … But no matter where you are, they guarantee not only an eye-catching effect, but also an extremely comfortable seating experience. See the advantages of our ball chairs for yourself and request your free, non-binding advice from the lento ball chair experts. We look forward to you!

Design-defining shape – spherical armchairs and chairs

lillus upholstered furniture are literally “a round affair”: The seat shell of the ball chair or ball stool is circular and rests on a revolving base. Depending on the area of usage, there are even round armchair shells in 2 sizes so that we can do justice to every facility in terms of size and character.

In addition to the shape, it is also the design that makes the lillus ball chair so unique. Because it is based on the balls of different sports. Footballs, tennis balls and golf balls are faithfully reproduced here. Armchairs and stools in basketball or baseball shape are also possible. With their uniqueness, they will put a smile on everyone’s face.

At lento place great value on the perfect symbiosis of form, great design with pleasant, comfortable seating and high-quality workmanship, straight from the first development on. Our ball chairs from lento combine these elements and convince with countless sporty designs … for perfect seating in all conditions on site.

Quality made in Germany – upholstery from Germany

lillus ball chairs are handmade masterpieces from Germany that will touch your emotions. They will apply a exclusivity and quality to your rooms and spaces. We achieve this through our traditional craftsmanship that we apply to recreate even the smallest detail on each ball on the one hand, and on the other through our passion for perfection in design.

lillus ball chairs and stools are limitless in their visual interpretation. All models are customisable in uncountable ways. The cover materials and colours are always selected by the customer. For that your new ball chair fits perfectly into your existing ambient.

Maximum quality of materials, exactly interpretation of your wishes, a seating comfort of utmost quality and a large number of sizes and designs: Experience the flexibility of our ball chairs! Be prepared for guests of all calibers and offer them an extraordinary ambient to spend time, discuss and enjoy.

Eye Catchers for hotels, architecture and interior design

When ever a outfitter, interior designer, architect or hotelier is searching for that something special – the ball chairs of the lillus range offer a distinct design, highest quality of craftsmanship and a maximum of adaptability and flexibility. For more individuality in hotels restaurants and other objects of our B2B clients. Our ball chairs are suited mostly for projects within the realms of sport of any type and also if it is the sphere-like design is the detail that you desire.

lillus, this is the unification of the absolut maximum of seating comfort with an aesthetic of extraordinary quality. The shear unlimited amount of materials allows for a large range of quality and price flexibility. Come and experience together with your guests the level of quality, haptic, and adorability of the applied materials. Enjoy together hours in a lush ambient with family character and offer your guests something ever so special. Ball chairs and ball stools made by lento lillus make it possible.

lento – your partner for upmarket chairs, armchairs and stools

At lento we live quality, design and perfect craftsmanship. Our highest efforts go into well thought through design, to offer a maximum of flexibility in interior design and the utmost level of quality engineering. At lento, you aren’t getting off the shelve furniture. You are getting individual, made to measure, up market quality executive chairs, chairs, armchairs, stools and sportive lounge chairs like the lento lillus.

Convince yourself regarding the limitless design and presentation possibilities of our lounge- and ball chairs. Our endless list of references and presentation examples prove that our lento lillus will catch the eyes of your visitors and have them relax and wind down for hours.

Up-market ball chairs worldwide

Comfort and convenience: With our products we are meeting this customer requirement all the time. We are there for you, wherever and when ever you need us. Delivery of your ball chairs is true to this motto all over the world. Our trained lento specialists will even mount the chairs for you wherever you like in Germany. This is lento full service.

Please use our reference page to get inspired or let a lento seating expert talk you through all the options of the lento model family. Our ball chairs can be made in many distinct and individual designs and will create a sportive and inspired ambient. The comfortable ball chairs stand for lush materials, high manufacturing quality made in Germany and offer seating of utmost comfort for you and your guests.

2021 | Hotel Jagdhof | Röhrnbach, Germany

2020 | New York Mets, First Data Field baseball stadium, Port St. Lucie, Florida, USA
New York Mets, Fred Wilpon private, USA

2020 | Nike Amsterdam

2020 | City Hall, City Hall | Amsterdam, Netherlands

2019, 2020 | Hammacher Schlemmer, New York, USA

2018 | ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

2017 | Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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